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Brilliant Branding

Brand bravery and commercial identity

Dexterity work with some of the world’s most talented brand development professionals and graphic design experts. Our award-winning team of brand specialists know how to visually translate your company’s values and service ethos, condensing it into a powerful logo and company identity. Dexterity’s full suite of branding and marketing services can help create a corporate identity and ensure that your target audience know at a glance who you are, what you do, and how to do business with you.


Has your business evolved significantly over time? Does your marketing material and website look dated? Have you recently acquired a pre-existing brand that is going through significant operational or brand change? Now is the time to re-establish brand presence and gain market share.

Speak to Dexterity about a total brand refresh and company re-launch. Rebranding, combined with a cross platform, strategic on and offline marketing campaign, can completely reinvigorate your business, helping you boost engagement with existing clients and encourage new customers to try your products and services.

Style & Value

As part of any branding process, a style and brand guideline document is generated – an important visual guide to have as your company and brand presence grows. Brand guidelines and style guides offer useful information on logo use and colour usage for product and marketing teams. Typical information includes logo usage, positioning, restricted usage guidelines and on (Hex Code) and offline (Pantone) colour references.

These guidelines are vital for print and reproduction purposes, as specific Pantone and colour references will ensure that business cards, proposals, annual reports and other important company documents are colour-matched and printed to perfection.

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