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Our Designers Save You Money

When it comes to optimising the return on investment on a Direct Mail campaign, every design and production element has a direct cost impact. Don’t let your designers 100% determine what goes to your customers. Take the time to speak to Dexterity and we can help you choose campaign appropriate designs and a  print solution that will offer you the greatest impact for the best price.

How much printed space do you need to get your message across? Assess your options. Choose from lightweight letters, postcards, booklets and catalogues. We can help you make the right Direct Mail design, format, print and delivery decisions.

Creative finishes & folding

In a world of junk mail, creative finishes help your direct mailer stand out and make an impact. DMs benefit greatly from die cutting, embossing, debossing and use of spot UV for added product or brand impact.


Personalisation services are also available. Managing your database, we create an interface with our HP Indigo digital printers, a function with the capacity to personalise by name and address. We produce and deliver tens of thousands of personalised DM letters, postcards, envelopes, brochures and catalogues a month. Contact us on Hello@dexterityme.com to learn more about personalised Direct Mail campaigns.


You may have created the perfect DM insert, but with smart folding you can benefit from the cost savings that are associated with using smaller envelopes. Our automated folding allows smooth, fast campaign processing times, and because every fold is calibrated to the nearest millimetre, there is no stock loss due to incorrect batch processing.

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