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Large-format exhibition posters. Durable outdoor poster advertising. Short run in-store, high-resolution campaign posters. Dexterity’s UK print network creates print display posters of every conceivable shape, size and finish.

Print. Finish. Mount.

For short run projects, we digitally print and colour spot match in accordance with your corporate colour guidelines. Post-print we can also cut, finish and mount artwork, with options also available to print directly onto your substrate of choice.

Posters – 24/7

A 24-hour print production process is available for urgent campaign roll outs.


For more complex display scenarios, speak to Dexterity about our selection of fitting solutions for display advertising and print visual installations.

Retail Perfection with Dexterity

When image perfection matters, Dexterity can produce posters with almost life-like image reproduction through Lambda digital printing and Giclee fine art and Chromaluxe fine art printing. With the capacity to create images of 1200+ dpi, we deliver pixel-perfect reproduction of your campaign’s graphic and photographic output on photographic substrates, duratrans (backlit transparencies) and direct to media UV printing.

Exceptional Resolution

This photographic poster print option is particularly effective when used for cosmetic or fashion campaigns, where the fine image detail is a key visual selling point. At widths of 50 inches, any length of photographic poster is possible. Current clients include a selection of globally recognised leading fashion and handbag brands. Dexterity’s photographic poster print regularly appears in leading department stores, luxury fashion retailers, at galleries and lifestyle hubs and at London Fashion Week.

Size Matters

Poster sizes can be up to 150cm+in width, including A0, A1, A2, A3. Custom formats and oversized poster printing is our speciality.

Lightbox Posters

Dexterity is the print provider of choice for UK luxury brands, cosmetics companies and outdoor advertising companies. Our clients know that when it comes to exceptional resolution, no area of print is more important to get it right than artwork for illuminated poster display and lightbox artwork.

Light up your life

Due to the challenges of backlit generated heat and external UV, our Duratran (durable transparency) lightbox posters are printed using double density ink for optimal image reproduction and colour saturation. Printed on PVC, for longevity and durability, our lightbox posters are also finished to be UV resistant, helping to avoid colour fade if for outdoor use. Two layers of polyester film ensure strength and stability.

If you have photos, campaign posters or permanent backlit signage you require lightbox Duratran posters for, speak to Dexterity and we will guide you through your illuminated poster options.

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