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Make your customers a direct offer that they can’t refuse! If you want to really grab your audience’s attention, then you should consider personalised print. When it comes to sales, or promoting a specific product or service, personalised print has been proven by global marketeers to be THE most effective way to convert sales and raise brand awareness in the offline world.

Digital print advances, and the evolution of the HP Indigo series of digital print machines, have revolutionised the way that printed products can be personalised. Light years from the clumsy days of Mail Merge, invitations, documents, annual reports, even children’s story books can now be personalised to perfection.

Annual reports and corporate financial reports can also be personalised in a reader-specific way, data changes viable, page by page, chapter by chapter – an extraordinary facility made possible by the integration of sophisticated data management systems and digital print press facilities.

Getting Direct

Dexterity’s Direct Mail campaigns are the most popular use of personalised print, by volume. We print almost 1million+ letters, personalised envelopes, catalogues, brochures and campaign collateral of all kinds per annum. Personalised print is the perfect extension of a publicity or sales campaign.

A Luxury Approach

Detailed personalisation, gold and silver foiling, use of luxury substrates, and embossing and debossing, create exceptional personalised printed documents, slip cases, case-bound books and bespoke packaging for luxury goods and publicity materials. Our most discerning service providers, personalise all campaign elements as standard.

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