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Outdoor advertising solutions

Dexterity produce durable, flexible advertising boards. With the ability to be printed onto any substrate, our advertising boards are used internally and outdoors and can be digitally printed, mounted and cut to 3 metres width at an unlimited length.

Adverting Board Print Options

If you are looking to print an advertising board, you have a number of options to choose from. Dexterity print advertising boards for indoor and outdoor use – weatherproof and UV-resistant inks are available.

Correx board

This corrugated fiber-board is a light-weight but tough material which can easily be printed upon and cut to shape. This is a great low-cost option for anyone wanting a short term outdoor display solution.

Foamex boards

A more durable solution, the perfect large format digital print solution for advertising boards, Foamex are an excellent choice if you want quality for an affordable prince.

Aluminium panels (also called AluPanel)

AluPanel advertising boards are the premium choice for anyone that wants durable, long-term, high quality display.

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