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Large format outdoor

Dexterity’s partners have produced some of the most exceptional hoardings in the UK. Using digital flatbed printers, stunning wide format outdoor display has been created for leading property developers and land owners.

When it comes to hoardings, Dexterity suggest printing onto aluminium composite hoarding boards. Budget depending, there are cheaper foam PVC panels, however we recommend the aluminium option (Dibond / Alu-Panel) for its durability and finish. With a lifespan of up to six years, this is a great hoarding substrate for long term display.

How big is big?

Hoarding boards come in a variety of sizes: 150cm x 300cm – 5ft x 10ft, and 122cm x 244cm – 4ft x 8ft.

PVC foamboard

Rigid PVC panels come in the same size as the aluminium composite panels. They are cheaper in price, but are only suitable to outdoor display use for six months or less.

Anti-graffiti finish

A special anti-graffiti laminate finish is available, allowing you to use cleaning materials to protect against graffiti or any related ink or paint-based defacement. The same finish also protects the hoarding from general wear and tear or scuffing.

Careful preparation is vital

One of the most important parts in any hoarding production project is the initial site survey. Dexterity’s project management team can asses your site, and suggest the best option to suit your needs. We make sure there is a viable framework to attach the hoarding to, and only then we can begin to start the process of creating a perfectly visible and secure external graphic for your chosen site.

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